CSM SHOWS Identity 2023
The CSM 2023 identity aims to represent the excitement and anticipation focused around graduation and student's transition from university to the working world. Strong typographic elements and bold colour choices create a visually powerful but coherent brand that conveys energy and interest across both video and print.

The identity is intended to act as a framework that pushes students work to the forefront of design outputs, reiterating the importance of graduate shows being for the benefit of the students taking part.

Fred Cochran Art Direction + Graphic Design
Kim Trainor Art Direction + Motion Design
Irene Liakhovenko Spatial + Print Design
Benjamin Khan Motion Design
Dolores Swann Interactive + Web Design
Thomas Black Motion + Web Design
Motion Graphics
Art Direction
Interactive Design
Duration Using Team
6 months
(Jan-Jun 2023)
After Effects, Illustrator & Spark AR Fred Cochran
Irene Liakhovenko
Benjamin Khan
Dolores Swann
Thomas Black