BBC AIR 2022
BBC AIR was a project run by the BBC EmEx and UX&D team looking at the future of the media we consume. What will information look like in the age of Synthetic Media?

The project aims to answer questions surrounding what the world might look like if all our media was written by an AI. The magazine is an artefact that seeks to inspire discussion surrounding the future of automation and the ethical questions that that change would bring about.
Who will it help? Who will it impact? Will it make the world a better place?

Kim Trainor Art Direction
Ray Chong Art Direction
Benjamin Khan Illustration
Tomi Tomcsenko Logo Development & Typography
Elizabeth Shu Kiu Lum Illustration
Art Direction
Duration Using Team
6 weeks
(May-Jun 2022)
Indesign, After Effects, Illustrator & Photoshop Kim Trainor
Ray Chong
Benjamin Khan
Tomi Tomcsenko
Elizabeth Shu Kiu Lum